Wedding Cakes

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Here are a few cakesĀ for your special occasions

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  • Picture of a Cake shaped as a Christmas tree
    Christmas Tree
  • Picture of Pirates Island
    Pirates Island
  • Picture of a Cake
    Chocolate Roses and White Cake
  • Picture of a Cake
    Baby Shower, it's a Boy
  • Picture of a sponge Bob Cake
    Sponge Bob and his friend Patrick
  • Picture of a Retirement Cake
  • Picture of a Golfer Cake
    Over Achiever blowing on the ball for a hole in one
  • Picture of a Cake figuring mister clean
    Mr. who?
  • Picture of a minnie mouse Cake
    Yes Minnie mouse
  • Picture of a campaign Cake
    Hospital campaign with Logo
  • Picture of a graduation Cake
    Graduation Cake with pillars
  • Picture of a golfer Cake swinging
    Golfer swinging
  • Grad cake shaped as grad cap
    Grad cake shaped as a grad cap
  • Picture of Minnie and mickey mouse Cake
    Minnie and Mickey mouse
  • Cookie Monster!
  • Small Cake for 1 year old for himself
  • Eat this cookie!
  • Lasagna Ice Cream Cake is supreme and expensive
  • Happy Birthday Peggy

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